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Jupiter Hell (BETA)

A modern, yet classic turn-based sci-fi roguelike · By ChaosForge


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Jupiter Hell Beta 0.7.2!
VULKAN HAS ARRIVED! This may be a point release, but boooy a lot of new stuff is here! The biggest code-wise (but hopefully barely noticable) is the fact that w...
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Jupiter Hell Beta 0.7.1!
It's that time again! While we still are in the progress of updating Io, there's a regular drop of new features for the game for your enjoyment! Most notably we...
1 file — 0.7.1
Jupiter Hell Beta 0.7.0 and Free Weekend on Discord!
Welcome to Io - there's a war raging! First of all, there is a FREE weekend DEMO of Jupiter Hell running on our discord! 1. Join the Discord: http://
1 file — 0.7.0
Jupiter Hell Beta 0.6.2!
Took a bit longer than planned, but we're back with a fresh new BETA! There are two big changes in this one - the first being active class skills! Each of the t...
1 file — 0.6.2
Jupiter Hell Beta 0.6.1b!
A couple significant bugs have popped up, so we did a quick bugfix version! See below for what has been fixed: Beta 0.6.1b - May 13, 2019 FIX #437 - fixed cases...
1 file — 0.6.1b
Jupiter Hell Beta 0.6.1!
It's that time again! Despite the fact that these two weeks were mostly working on systems for the bigger 0.7.0 release, we managed to push in some exciting cha...
1 file — 0.6.1
Jupiter Hell Beta 0.6.0!
It's finally that time again! Took a bit longer than usual because PAX and GDC took development time away -- and we really wanted some significant changes for...
1 file — 0.6.0
Jupiter Hell Beta 0.5.1!
Took a week longer than initially planned, but here we are with a new beta! The extra time was taken to make sure that controller support - one of the major cha...
1 file — 0.5.1