Jupiter Hell Beta 0.7.1!

It's that time again! While we still are in the progress of updating Io, there's a regular drop of new features for the game for your enjoyment! Most notably we finally added weapon and armor modding to the game! You can apply a single mod to any non-advanced weapon, and pick the new Whizkid trait to increse the mod capacity by 2 per level. Technicians are smarter, and can apply a single mod to advanced weapon or armor! Currently available mods are Power (damage or protection), Accuracy and Bulk (magazine size or armor durability).

We also upgraded the UI - this is not a full overhaul that is planned post Early Access release, but you'll find it a bit nicer to see things that are important. Speaking of which you can now turn off the CRT effects if you don't like them.

We're in progress of adding a new general purpose level generator (inspired by the awesome roguelike Cogmind) - currently, you can encounter it only on Io, but once we polish up the kinks it will be more widespread.

To add more tactical depth we added CRI phase devices (smarter than DRL's, because they try to teleport you to a safe place), and repair kits (replacing armor-shards - basically a carryable version).

Finally, there's a new challenge, probably the hardest and weirdest one yet - Angel of Vampirism. 

Apart from that a huge chunk of smaller changes and bugfixes awaits, see the full changelog below!

Beta  0.7.1 - July 5, 2019
NEW    #525 - weapon/armor mods added! Currently power, accuracy and bulk (more to come)!
NEW    #525 - whizkid trait added (+2 mods per item)
NEW    #524 - color overhaul of the UI!
NEW    #101 - new level generator (Cogmind-style) - currently on on Io!
NEW    #447 - Angel of Vampirism!
NEW    #523 - CRI phase device added (teleport-to-safety consumable)
NEW    #522 - carryable repair kits (for armor) added, armor shards removed
CHANGE #521 - cave levels now can have vaults
CHANGE #515 - BSP levels now can have vaults
CHANGE #508 - added a configuration option to tone down CRT effects
CHANGE #507 - items on floor use only icons (visual clutter removed)
CHANGE #533 - you can now drop equipment (be careful!)
CHANGE #531 - added proper gamepad keybinding info to the UI
CHANGE #534 - increased amount of loot/ammo in Io and Beyond
FIX    #531 - you can now drop items with the gamepad (Y)
FIX    #530 - fixed several spelling and grammar mistakes (thanks Slavfox!)
FIX    #511 - items and current weapon is no longer missing from mortem screen
FIX    #512 - rare crash on death fixed
FIX    #515 - fixed rare ocurrences of non-reachable level parts
FIX    #537 - fix to unconnected industrial_c_13
FIX    #536 - fix industrial_13x13_2 vaults cut down (box in wall)
FIX    #535 - fix military base trap
FIX    #--- - fixed some issues with resolution change

Next version (0.7.2) will be out in two weeks time, and hopefully will come with Vulkan and OSX support, and a significant drop of tactical gameplay enhancements. Hopefully we'll finally hear the Marine swear too ;).


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Version 0.7.1 Jul 05, 2019

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