Jupiter Hell Beta 0.5.1!

Took a week longer than initially planned, but here we are with a new beta! The extra time was taken to make sure that controller support - one of the major changes this beta - is working properly! If you have a controller, please do test it out and tell us what you think! Default bindings are visible on the bottom of the help screen. Our bindings are based on the D-Pad, but you can also try the as yet unoptimized analog stick implementation by enabling it in the options.

Another change that will benefit both controller and keyboard players is the smart auto-repeat. You can now hold the direction you're walking and the player will repeat moves, however in a much slower rate than regular auto-repeat. The beauty of the smart auto-repeat is that it TURNS OFF WHEN AN ENEMY IS IN VISION. Say goodbye to deaths by holding a directional key :D. You can adjust the initial delay of the auto-repeat and its frequency in configuration,and if you dislike it, you can also turn it off (or permanently turn repeat on)!

Additionally we've implemented turrets - currently only as dumb enemies, but later you'll be able to turn them off, or even turn them against your enemies! Callisto civilian levels now have automatic proximity doors, presenting a new tactical challenge, and the post-mortem now has an equipment and inventory list.

Other minor things are differently colored health bars for robotic enemies (to note that they react differently to different damage types), addition of lootboxes to the spaceport level, and making armored ravagers reload after each shot. Mortar ravagers will also be made easier, but that will happen in the next update.

Check out below for the full changelog!

We await for your feedback (especially on the controller support)!

Beta 0.5.1  - March 1, 2019

  • NEW    #099 - controller support
  • NEW    #118 - partial controller configuration
  • NEW    #350 - smart key repeat mode (configurable)
  • NEW    #374 - turrets!
  • NEW    #364 - proximity doors in Callisto civilian levels
  • NEW    #365 - inventory and equipment lists in mortem files
  • CHANGE #376 - robotic enemies have different health bar color to mark different damage behavior
  • CHANGE #347 - numpad keys can be bound
  • CHANGE #366 - lootboxes in Spaceport level
  • CHANGE #367 - armored ravagers reload after shot
  • FIX    #348 - scavenger doesnt destroy ammo if inventory full
  • FIX    #--- - fixed terrain technique selection (minor performance boost on some levels)
  • FIX    #369 - "using" ammunition no longer shoots weapon to (0,0)

Next update (0.5.2) will uncharacteristically be out probably next Friday! We will try to implement some more gameplay improvements and telegraphed attacks... the hurry is that we'll be demoing at PAX East this month, and want to squeeze in some extra juice for that demo - more info soon :)


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Version 0.5.1 Mar 01, 2019

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