Jupiter Hell Beta 0.6.0!

It's finally that time again! Took a bit longer than usual because PAX and GDC took development time away -- and we really wanted some significant changes for 0.6.0. 

The major gameplay change is making the weapon slots universal - we decided that separate sidearm/primary/heavy slots are needlessly complex not giving much to tactical gameplay. Now you can carry any weapon in any slots (e.g. three chainguns if you wish). A trait to increase the amount of slots is also available for Scouts and Technicians!

D**mRL players will recognize the next feature - Medals! They're extremely hard to get, you see them on your mortem, and you can see a list of them in player data (use left/right to switch pages). Speaking of which a lot of additional statistics got added, including real time measuring (hello speedrunners!).

All level generators from Callisto and Europa have been improved (including the branches), including also lootbox and turret (new rocket turrets yay!) placement for all - especially the BSP generator has been significanly improved and made more common. 

Significant changes are in the weapon department too - revolvers and hunter rifles are now using new .44 ammo - both got a buff and made common. Additionally double shotguns and auto shotguns have been made common too -- all four weapons are carried by enemies now, and all four have their advanced variants available! Also, rocket launchers should now be much more viable as you'll encounter heavies carrying them...

Finally, a change that was really needed - when we added exalted enemies, we forgot one important thing - they should drop good loot! Now they do :P. 

We await for your feedback (especially on new changes)!

Full changelog follows!

Beta 0.6.0  - April 26, 2019
NEW    #355 - medals implemented! Viewable in player data (left/right) and mortems!
NEW    #391 - universal slots! Each slot can carry any weapon! Scout starts with 2, rest with 3
NEW    #392 - trait: Gun Hoarder - +1 slots (Scout or Technician only)
NEW    #409 - significant improvement pass on all level generators of Callisto and Europa and their branches
NEW    #409 - the BSP generator has been significantly improved and made more common on Callisto
NEW    #406 - heavy troopers carrying rocket launchers added - will make RL's and rockets more common!
NEW    #408 - rocket turret - will also make rockets more common
NEW    #411 - .44 ammo - used by revolver and hunter rifle
NEW    #411 - revolver and hunter rifle made common, used by guards and soldiers (both buffed)
NEW    #411 - revolver and hunter rifle advanced versions
NEW    #412 - auto/double shotgun made common, used by sergeants in Europa and Beyond respectively
NEW    #412 - double shotgun and auto shotgun advanced versions
NEW    #413 - exalted enemies drop high quality loot and sometimes medical supplies
CHANGE #409 - lootbox and turret emplacements added to levels that have been missing them
CHANGE #407 - chaingun reloads a single turn but in 15-size increments
CHANGE #396 - more statistics! Including time tracking! Let the speedrunning commence!
CHANGE #395 - configuration is now versioned (expect a reset of config after update)
FIX    #409 - several level generation issues fixed
FIX    #375 - fixed muzzle placement for weapons
FIX    #398 - fixed decals for shotguns multipling and going through walls

Our initial plan for 0.6.0 was to introduce Io this version, but we decided to postpone it to 0.7.0 instead. The reason is that Io introduces a new faction (CRI) which requires a rewrite in AI, and we'd rather to a nice complete content drop than something unfinished. Expect parts of the changes (AI) to appear already in 0.6.1 and Io to appear either in 0.6.2 or 0.7.0 :). 


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Version 0.6.0 Apr 26, 2019

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