Jupiter Hell Beta 0.7.0 and Free Weekend on Discord!

Welcome to Io - there's a war raging!

First of all, there is a FREE weekend DEMO of Jupiter Hell running on our discord!

1. Join the Discord: http://discord.gg/jupiterhell  

3. Message the "CRI Command" bot the secret passcode: !Hell4U

3. Play!

There's a lot of meat in this release. First of all there's Io, placed between Europa and Beyond. On Io you'll encounter CRI - the "good guys" who came to take out the trash. That includes you. Two new enemies can be encountered - CRI marines and CRI bots.

Note however that Io and it's content is a work in progress - there's only one branch, no special levels, and no new weapons (yes, they're coming!). Next update should adress that!

We also added a full-blown tutorial. Technically it's mandatory, but if you really don't want to do it, set skip_tutorial to true in the options. Also included is a more robust help system.

There's a new scoring system, that is easier to understand (score = ("depth reached" * 100 + "special levels cleared" * 100 + kill count + medal values)*(difficulty factor)) which makes score much more sensible now.

Finally there's a lot more music added to Callisto by our Roland La Goy, and a general sound update for the enemies - turn back those sliders up :P.

There's also a bit of changes and fixes, see below for the full changelog!

We await for your feedback (especially on new changes)!

Beta  0.7.0 - June 21, 2019
NEW    #394 - Io!
NEW    #405 - CRI Marines!
NEW    #471 - CRI Bots!
NEW    #497 - first Io branch - Black site
NEW    #456 - Tutorial!
NEW    #459 - New highscore system and scoring!
NEW    #502 - expanded help!
NEW    #482 - Music and Sounds update! Callisto music is now much more varied! Demon sounds too :P
CHANGE #483 - inline text coloring - some upgrades, more will come
CHANGE #493 - reworked Die Hard - much more useful now (OP?)
CHANGE #472 - randomized the placement/length of the branches a little
CHANGE #472 - item and difficulty level mods for branches 
CHANGE #503 - mouse removed from screen (you can re-enable it in options)
CHANGE #495 - a bit of variety to Callisto Mines music
FIX    #501 - load crash fix and visual one too
FIX    #472 - boxes and barrels will no longer spawn on lootboxes/items
FIX    #496 - fixed items droping under turret base
FIX    #--- - fixed save/load visual state of double doors

Next version should be out in two weeks and will include further UI color improvements and more Io content, stay tuned!


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Version 0.7.0 Jun 21, 2019

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