Jupiter Hell Beta 0.6.2!

Took a bit longer than planned, but we're back with a fresh new BETA!

There are two big changes in this one - the first being active class skills! Each of the three classes has gotten an active skill that is available from the start, and is usable once per level. Marine aquires Adrenaline which can convert your pain factor into health, Scout has gotten Stealth, which is basically a short-term invisibility (broken by attacking though) and Technician has a Smoke Screen which works exactly like a smoke grenade thrown under your feet! To increase the availability of those (and other) skills with a cooldown, stimpacks now reset cooldowns (for the "once per level" ones you'll need a military stimpack though).

The second big change are Vaults! These are special rooms that appear on some levels (currently not on BSP or cave levels), that have locked doors. You need to find a terminal to unlock them and inside you'll find some more difficult enemies. You'll find a special box too though!

At the same time we rewrote from scratch the algorithm that picked monsters for the level. It should now have more consistent results (and a lot power for future changes).

Finally we added two challenges that incidentally allow to have a taste of later game content -- Carnage which is a rocket launcher only game and Confidence which throws you right into Europa.

We also implemented the Discord API - you'll have rich presence info when playing the game! (currently works only on Windows) Speaking of which, join our Discord if you haven't already :D

There's also a bit of changes and fixes, see below for the full changelog!

We await for your feedback (especially on new changes)!

Beta  0.6.2 - May 30, 2019
NEW    #458 - vaults! 
NEW    #443 - Marine class skill - Adrenaline!
NEW    #441 - Scout class skill - Stealth!
NEW    #442 - Technician class skill - Smoke screen!
NEW    #445 - new challenge - Angel of Confidence (Europa start)
NEW    #444 - new challenge - Angel of Carnage (rocket launcher only)
NEW    #448 - rewrote the monster generation algorithm - more balanced compositions
NEW    #455 - added Discord API - rich presence on Discord (can be toggled off)
CHANGE #426 - AI upgrade - more responsive to player but first reaction is always move
CHANGE #451 - elevators have a dedicated floor in front of them
CHANGE #457 - try to launch on dedicated graphics card if present on laptop
CHANGE #457 - warn if launching on Intel integrated GPU
CHANGE #460 - stimpacks now reset cooldowns (military stimpack resets "once per level" cd's)
CHANGE #464 - smoke grenades do no damage
CHANGE #453 - slight adjustment of game camera, should improve top/bottom visibility 
CHANGE #462 - heal fx added
FIX    #446 - advanced auto shotguns now have potential increased magazine instead of seeming empty
FIX    #467 - added shebang to Linux script (should fix launching on itch.io)
FIX    #470 - door UI icons load properly after save/load
FIX    #--- - clean background in menu (was visible on ultrawide monitors)

Next version (0.7.0) should be out at the end of the next week! We will wrap up the 0.6.x changes by adding the final planned moon and episode - Io! Stay tuned for a bigger announcement when that time comes!


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Version 0.6.2 May 30, 2019

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