Jupiter Hell Beta 0.6.1b!

A couple significant bugs have popped up, so we did a quick bugfix version! See below for what has been fixed:

Beta 0.6.1b - May 13, 2019
FIX    #437 - fixed cases of AI assymetry, and increased vision range to 7 for most
FIX    #436 - fixed waking up of Military Base enemies
FIX    #439 - fixed double UI icons on some doors and missing UI icon on proximity doors
FIX    #438 - limbo send you to level 16 instead of 17
FIX    #440 - turn-counter reset at new game
FIX    #435 - AoSh - rockets get also converted into a shell
FIX    #434 - AoSh - fixed ability to pick up non-shotgun advanced weapons on AoSh


jupiterhell-beta.zip 908 MB
Version 0.6.1b May 13, 2019

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